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Here are a few examples of my handmade knives and sheaths:
Often times knife users, and especially knife aficionados, will purchase production knives from their favourite companies, like Spyderco, Cold Steel, etc., or even custom knives from other makers, and will find that their new knife is almost exactly what they had hoped, but for a few small things they would change if they could.  Or their knives have met with a mishap and become damaged in some way.  That is where I can help them, as I have performed many modifications and repairs on both my own knives and those of others.
Here are a few before and after examples:
The owner of this custom made hunting knife admitted to being a little rough with it, and asked me to reprofile the tip.  I also offered to make a more secure modern sheath out of Kydex, in addition to sharpening it back up to hair shaving - it was very dull when I first took it into the shop. It also was covered in brown and red rust, which I was able to clean off, leaving only some moderate grey patina (which is to be expected of a well used knife such as this one in O1  tool steel).
Above is a Manix 2 XL, by Spyderco.  The owner expressed that he preferred the blade shape of the Paramilitary 2 knife by the same company, and also that he found the handle comfortable on His Manix 2 XL, but just too big for ease of use.  I modified the blade to have a straight spine, per his preference, and also reduced the handle profile slightly, and chamfered the edges of the underside of the handle scales, and he now finds it even more comfortable  to use, which he can now do with greater dexterity than before.
The owner of this Cold Steel Espada, often touted as a pocket sword, desired a more neutral and elegant handle in the style of the traditional Spanish Navaja which the design was inspired by, so I made it happen.  He also wanted to reduce the weight of the knife, and have the tip profiled to be a straight back rather than an upswept Persian style tip.
Here is a Spyderco Mantra 3.  A common complaint about the design is the appearance of a slight recurve shape to the blade near the handle.  While this is not a functional issue, it is perceived by some as taking away from the attractiveness of the knife, hence the owner's desire to reprofile the blade ever so slightly to more of a leaf shape.  This knife owner also prefers to use the opening hole exclusively, rather than the flipper tab, and wanted the tab removed.  Lastly, and not visible in the picture, the detent on the knife was initially weak, and not optimal for using the opening hole, so I strengthened it by slightly expanding the detent hole in the blade so that the detent ball on the lockbar would seat further into it, providing a stronger detent.  When all the work was done, the owner was very pleased with the function and aesthetics of his modified knife.
This is a Cold Steel Tuff Lite, renowned as a small work folder.  The owner preferred a flat ground blade profile for its better performance in slicing applications, such as cardboard cutting, hence the modification above.
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